Days of Summer from Jinyoung Kim on Vimeo

PW: summerdays

Days of Summer
HD with Stereo sound
English subtitles

The video features an old man who watches a video of his past days of a summer on a computer screen. The on-screen experience that the old man undergoes involves psychological and cognitive exchange between the past and the present; the act of recollection and complete immersion towards the memory in the present moment. The video documents this process of recollection, based on observation of the micro-gesture of the old man in his solitude, reminiscing the moments of excitement and sharing with his community. The spectators of "Days of Summer" only learns minimal facts about the video that he is watching, the circumstances in which it was video-taped, through the soundtrack.
On the second part of the video - which starts after a gap of blank screen - the camera "sits" in front of the screen that the old had been previously. Now, the video places the spectator in front of the screen that features a gathering of a family. The family gathering takes place in the same house that "Days of Summer" is shot.

Exhibitied at:
Gallery 101, Ottawa
What about art?, Mumbai
Patrick Mikhail Gallery