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Hello there,

I work with photography and video, sometimes with sculptures. The work is driven by a desire to create sense of continuity and belonging in relation to the places where I left from and arrived to. Moving slowly, shifting and aligning the past to the present, my interest builds onto issues that relate to the places of personal identifications, physical and psychological distances between affinities, process of recollection and act of remembering, embodiment and disembodiment in a state of alterity. I collaborate with my family members, especially with my parents on many of my projects. Immigration as a family bonded us strongly, as the island of our intimacy was the only refuge in the early days of our lives in Canada. Somehow, I still am attached to this idea of invisible islands and the place-ness generated by it to the person who belongs to them. The belief to which that we own such an island, inspires me to make work.

You can read my bio in 3rd person voice here